I am an Italian photographer developing personal projects alongside freelance work. After studing Interior Design, I started to study photography because it ignites my observing and curious gaze. Iíve learnt to go inside every stories and each person. In 2013 I started my experiences assisting the photographer Milo Sciaky and in 2014 I work as Elena Givone's assistant at One World Foundation in Sri Lanka on a charity project. I continued then collaborating and exchanging point of view with a lot of interesting and amazing photographer like Massimo di Nonno, Nanni Fontana, Gabriele Galimberti, Michela Benaglia, Pablo Chacon, Carlos Lujan, Javier Corso, Tania Castro, etc...and I documented as freelance a lot of events. In these years I understood I want telling stories about daily life and relationships, capable of arausing emotions, curiosity and questions about the problems of todayís world into peopleís mind. From 2015 I'm following the dream to develop my own and indipendent style, experimenting with imagination and a lot of alone different fieldwork.



Milan - Italy
Valencia - Spain


+39 346 5331634 (Italy)
+34 644 473 861 (Spain)


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