one world foundation | photography school

In 2014 in the free unit education of OWF, in Ahungalla, it was held a wonderful workshop by Elena Givone inside the photographic school.
On 16th December the final exhibition, which the main focus was the environment and the future of Sri Lankan beauties.


Rafi+friends is a community which creates inspiring projects to support, empower and educate young people all over the world.
At the heart of the mission is a desire to reaffirm a sense of worth and self-belief in young people through inclusive creative projects, workshops and gatherings.
Project by Pauline Spearpoint, photo and video by Elena Givone, editing video by Erika Ghezzi.

son d'aci

Son un grupo de música de son cubano, latin y rumba fusión. Fresco, joven y dinámico, que nace de una manera natural tras múltiples coincidencias en el panorama musical de Valencia, en entornos de Jam sesión. Un proyecto de fusión que gira en torno a la música afrocubana, la rumba catalana y música étnica.