Benimaclet conFusion festival | Valencia

It's a no profit, artistic and cultural event based in liberal expression.
It expects to promote and stimulate collaborations and social connections between people through every type of activities.

Anyone can offer your project by a web application: could be art, knowledge, time or a private space. With all the received proposal the organization create a thick programme, that during the 15th and 16th of October, transforms the Benimaclet's Valencian District streets, homes and cultural centers in a lot of stage places, music concerts, circus shows, exhibitions, workshops, short films, street art and more.

A unique, explosive and touching experience that invites all participants to open their souls to all the people around.
Benimaclet conFusion festival wants to show that collaborating and sharing with other people ours special qualities and creativity can create magical new experiences.

It's a union act that wants to break with the public-private concept and create places where it's possible to share with stranger and get more closer and closer each others.

Here the photo gallery.


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